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About Us

Peak Health Physical Therapy is a therapist-owned physical therapy practice located in Hawthorne, NJ. 

We Are Always

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Owner and physical therapist Stephen Tawadros has 20+ years in outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. My mission is to provide quality, compassionate and comprehensive care to all patients through expert and effective therapy methods. I will motivate and direct each patient to achieve mutually established therapy goals in a safe, professional and fun environment. At the core of the Peak Health Physical Therapy practice lies a steadfast commitment to creating individual treatment plans that help patients do more than just recover from injury.

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Individual Approach

Why Choose Us

  • Peak Health Physical Therapy is owned privately by a physical therapist. Treatment of patients is not dictated by a corporation to increase revenue by sacrificing patient care. Many of these larger groups have patients treated by ancillary staff that are not Physical Therapists. Physical Therapists within these larger groups are treating up to eight patients simultaneously, which decreases the effectiveness of treatment, involves no manual therapy, and most often results in treatment times of under 20 minutes. This results in prolonged treatment times and increased cost out of a patient’s pocket. As a privately owned facility, our patients are treated only by a licensed physical therapist, and each patient is given personalized care and treatment. Our patients are not seen as numbers but as individual people requiring individualized care.


    All patients treated at Peak Health Physical Therapy receive personalized treatment tailored to maximize rehabilitation potential while minimizing the financial burden of recovering from injury. Patients are treated with advanced manual techniques and prescribed patient specific treatment methods to facilitate a faster recovery time. Patients are given detailed information as to the nature of their specific injury, the reasons why specific treatments are being performed, and what the prognosis is for their recovery.

  • You Are With A Licensed Physical Therapist

    At Peak Health PT we do not have assistants. A Physical Therapist will work with you one on one during your rehabilitation process.  You won’t be passed to an assistant or aide.

  • Customer Service Is High Priority

    With the way healthcare is changing, appointment times are getting shorter and it seems like healthcare providers spend more time typing on a computer than treating. Peak Health PT's solution to this problem: continuous access to a Physical Therapist.  We provide a "client portal" for anyone who works with us. The portal allows you to communicate with your physical therapist even when you're not at the clinic. We use technology, but we keep it to a minimum when you're in the office. We are a hands on therapy center and provide exercises that are specific to your needs. 

Our Mission

Elite Care

Peak Health Physical Therapy is founded upon expert, one-on-one, quality care. We are dedicated to providing an empowering environment with individualized care to achieve optimal healing, functional recovery, and movement optimization for our patients.

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Our Goal

Quality Of Life

Peak Health Physical Therapy takes pride in providing the best Outpatient Physical Therapy for the local community. Our Physical Therapists strive to get you back to doing all of your favorite things without pain or limitations.

About Us

At Peak Health PT we do not have assistants. A Physical Therapist will work with you one on one during your rehabilitation process.

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